23-10-19 Twins: 9 Month Paddle

Wednesday 23rd October 2019

A rundown of our day: Elektra, Kingsley and I wake before 8am in our big bed. Cartoons then eggs for our big boy before school; yoghurt and banana for the babies before their morning nap, me cuddling Elektra, Erroll hugging Keanu to sleep. Lunch is weet-bix with warm organic goats milk (farewell formula for the time being; we’ve run out so goats milk it is) then out the door for a twin paddle in the clean waters.

These days Elektra will not under any circumstance be put down. She screeches. Keanu can play by himself though, enjoying the musical piano Kingsley used before school evety morning throughout Greece 2018.

Two bottom teeth have popped through Keanu’s bottom jaw, Elektra not far behind: each time we apply Bonjela sharp ridges are felt already cutting through. No wonder they’ve been inconsolable this past week. And thank heaven for syrup Neurofen.