22-12-17 Christmas Service Magic Kingdom

Friday 22nd December 2017

Kingsley and I went to church today. Well, technically it was me in the Service with Kingsley in the Kiddie Club for the two hour duration playing and crafting to his heart’s delight. Attending church came as a big surprise to myself even though it was me getting dressed in the morning and me pushing Kingsley’s buggy the half hour there. A terrific surprise; one I didn’t think I’d make while living in Dubai since churches here are far away. But today’s service was held at the Conrad Hotel literally up the road.

While I was swept up in the movement, Kingsley was being entertained and loved by good hearted teachers. He and other 4 year olds played and sang, and come 2:30 when I picked him up he showed reluctance to leave, then presented me with his green Christmas tree made all by himself and decorated so prettily; he hugging his teacher farewell and grabbing Miss June, the coordinator’s hand, asking when he can return.

As a treat for being a champ (two hours freedom he gave me!) and because he’d been asking for two days straight, we head to Burjuman Centre for there on the third floor is MAGIC PLANET. The Kiddo can’t express his happiness in any other way but to take on a delighted/shocked/amazed/wonderous look and dart about. And because its his birthday (well, a week into) the kind staff give him the gift of free rides on his beloved TRAIN!!! Nonstop train action up and down the mountain and through the tunnel and up again to the rocket. Swapping carriages for each go, the child was overwhelmed from happiness. To add to the magic of his day, we swap our tickets and get a slinky!!

Best day ever, he declares, as we head home on the train come evening, that slinky never leaving his hands.