16-02-18 Hassan Reunion

Friday 16th February 2018

A first for us: going a fair distance with Kingsley, but without a stroller. He took his pink scooter and raced through the pedestrian walks and air bridges on the way to Al Khazzan Park. However exhaustion hit him hard come late afternoon so ditched the scooter and asked to be carried. Certainly not by me (impossible for more than 3 minutes now, sadly). Erroll hardened up big time by carrying Kingsley’s 24 kilo frame back home.

But before then the Hartleys were reunited with the Hassans, at our fave park. Chinese New Year processions were going on loudly across the road at CityWalk, and in Al Khazzan Park a TV commercial was being shot. However the highlight was the three best friends spot one another, embrace and get down quickly to the business of play.

Kingsley ate all of the girls’ sultanas, and they were given a Paw Patrol popper game from Australia. They literally ran all around the park, climbed structures fearlessly, plucked new blooms from the flower beds (presenting them to us in drinking cups), rolled down grassy knolls. Camilla and I had the luxury of a proper get together as Erroll played helicopter parent perfectly!

Seeing one another next weekend as well.