15-08-18 Alpes Day 2

Wednesday 15th August 2018

Today we are in Heidi land. An entire day trekking through green pastures, mountains and hills feeding chickens and rabbits, watching horses gallop. All around us the magnificent Alpes.

We are deep within snow country here in Autrans, part of the prefecture of Grenoble. In fact Autrans and Grenoble was the site for the first televised Winter Olympics of 1968. Autrans held the snow jumping events!

So four of us trek through this green country for hours and the sun beats down but the kids are desiring to feed the chickens again notwithstanding their fatigue so off we go to visit the neighbourhood farm we visited this morning with them. Then Kym and I receive our reward for chasing three kiddies all bloody day: large slabs of banana cake. Its the fresh air and outdoors exertions that cause the hunger. Delicious! Kids had some too. Burp.