Greece ’17: Spring Highlights-Kingsley’s Mind


I’d answer, if pressed, that a highlight of the 7 weeks of Spring spent in Greece was most definitely observing the positive change of behaviour in Kingsley due to his admission into preschool. As a direct result of the encouraging influences of his teachers, the school Principal and all his little fellow students, Dorøtheos developed a steadiness of temper becoming less volatile and more amiable throughout our time in Saronītha.

Every body – whether at school, in the pkayground, at home, among relatives – was driven to comment on his easy manner, his willingness to please, his excellent communication and self-confidence which remained in the realms of adorable and never spilt over into cockiness.

First day at school

The little yellow sxolikö driven by Mr. Mixăli

Own piece of craft made at school: May Day wreath

Highlight & surprise: seeing school mate Kleănthe at the playground

In the school playground for the first time

No hugs or kisses goodbye. Ever.

Morning school run – we are on time!

JiaJia Dora dropping Kingsley off for the school run

In the playground with another class (ditched his own)

Easter bag

3:30pm school drop off

Ice cream time!

Thursday morning 8:30 chirpiness

Seat belt buckled

Home time

On our way to school this morning

With his little mate

Every day school bus trip – 3:30pm drop offs

Every day school bus pick up: 8:30 am

Spotting JiaJia Dora at school drop off

JiaJia Dora doing the morning school run

Going to school

The school bus or sxolikö

Practicing circles

Day 2 in class