12-01-18 Nessnaus Beach

Friday 12th January 2018

Without fail the Hassans meet up with the Hartleys for a cheap and adventuresome get together every weekend both families are in Dubai. Now that we are deep in our Middle Eastern winter, all we do is flock to either a park or, as with today, a beach.

Erroll accompanied us which was a treat though he became cranky at me – the mumma hen – for endangering the lives of the chirrens. Why? Because Camilla and I took them to the rocks to climb along the spine of the breakwater and I was directing them where to stand and where to sit (admittedly for optimal photos, but that’s beside the point). Kingsley is so surefooted – as I am – that I hold no fear whatsoever for his safety. For heavens sake, Kingsley from age 16 months has been climbing up and down the rocks at Coogee beach, let alone the sheer cliffs of Saronida’s headland.

Today all three kids climbed and thrilled at their own confidence when standing tall overlooking Nessnaus Beach. They climbed down with our help, them cheered for their big adventure. Back to camp for a swim, then off to the incredible playground just opposite Park House Cafe. Hours of climbing, eating chapati, and shooting hoops (Erroll’s specialty; I brought three basketballs of varying sizes). Then Erroll materializes with a coffee (his), a coke (Camilla’s) and a green tea for me – and of course I accepted his olive branch.