20-04-20 Twins: 6 Hours Walk

Monday 20th April 2020

With Erroll leaving the house early all three babies are under my care…and I manage well! Firstly because breakfast time is like a military operation. Three hungry mouths, hyper kids, eggs and cheesy toast, pasta on the boil plus bananas. Oh and the laundry. I’ve got to get the babies out to nap them early but I literally cannot get out of the house before 10am. But we finally do get out and with Kingsley happy to stay with γιαγιά (playing games on the Samsung), the babies finally nap as we walk up to Bondi.

Here we run out of nappies as they are pooping machines. Keanu poor luv doesn’t get a nappy till he wees himself (and the Valco Snap Duo) and we buy a pack. Turning into hungry animals they eat plums, organic food pouches and squeeze yoghurts while shopping at Coles. Elektra smiles at all passers-by. Their new favourite moment whenever we shop at a mall is when I smother their hands with sanitiser.

The babies sleep walking up to Bondi and they sleep walking back to Coogee. That’s a 6 hour walk. Best of all, Erroll is back from work and we rendezvous at the parking lot which has been rendered a bike track thanks to covid-19 Beach closed. Here the babies feed the seagulls our expensive pumpkin bread while Kingsley rides his bike with Evelyn his kindy buddy.