06-10-20 Twins: Cousin Will’s 17th

Tuesday 6th October 2020

Little Miss has contracted Hand Foot & Mouth disease from cousin Goldie exactly one week ago when we took our picnic together at Centennial Park. She’s grizzly, distraught, cries alot unless I sedate her with Nurofen, and as of 8pm her sweet voice is hoarse. Tongue sore with lesions, mouth painful and I suspect concomitantly teething Elektra is totally miserable. All day.

But we still do lovely things such as visit Betty and Richard to celebrate Will’s 17th birthday. In fact this morning Kingsley helped bake him a slab of chocolate brownie and at their place we light the ‘1’ and the ‘7’ which are plonked in its centre.

The babies are emotional once there no doubt because of HFM but warm up to Crumpet their rescue greyhound who follows them about. Keanu is more adventuresome getting down from Erroll and loping about the κουζίνα trying to get close to Crumpet. Elektra’s crying only started up again once her Nurofen wore off and by that time we were en route to Eastgardens a bottle of cold milk in her mouth soothing her immediately.