12-11-16 Athens & the Cousins

Saturday 12th November 2016

7pm. I write this from the darkened quiet of Marîna’s bedroom. Kingsley is passed out on her bed after an episode of distressed crying, which proceeded a splashy bath, which was taken straight after a rowdy family lunch, which was hosted by Marina and included Kingsley’s favourite cousin Vasiláki. In fact since arriving in Athens at precisely 12:47pm it’s been bedlam what with being collected at the station then visiting Giorgio and Danæ (who once again bought the little one a top & bottom set). We eat grapes together while admiring the view. Off to Mirèlla & Panagiôti’s place for a very chaotic play before being summoned next door for that rowdy family lunch. The great distress was brought on by Vasiláki leaving the longstanding game of ‘ghosts’ to shower and ready himself for a party. Kingsley remembered his cousin, the ‘ghost’ game, and jumping up n down with Vasiláki on Marîna’s bed, last played together five months ago. Neither boy missed a beat!

In the evening we had the girl cousins visit: Maria and Aliki. More food is served: spaghetti & prawns in cheesy sauce, veal casserole (stifâthos), salad and crusty bread. Fruit and yoghurt follows amid HOURS of play. Till midnight Aliki teaches Kingsley to count in Greek, English and German. She administers a salve to his itchy mozzie bites when no other overdone could subdue his hysteria at being tended to. Heavy body slamming play among the three kids keeps us adults alert for inadvertent bashing. By midnight all three are exhausted and lay together reading. Kingsley once again breaks down in tears when his cousins leave him for home.