Full Time Mumma: Day 2 Mrs. Hassan

Friday 6th February 2015

It still does not feel real – me being a stay-at-home mum. Literally twenty years of working full-time have past. I am pooped and ready to invest my time and effort into my best and most worthy life project: bringing up baby.

Today marks the first weekend of my new life wherein I need not worry about whether Kingsley will receive enough sleep before a full day at nursery, nor would I feel guilty again for dragging him out of our warm bed earlier than he would want to get out himself (cause I wont ever do that again).

One of my Dubai besties came round today. Camilla has the gift of being a natural mother, born to do it. In fact she is bringing up two babies right now, and is managing a career. We’ve bonded on many levels over the years of our friendship however the formidable task of being hard working, career-oriented ex-pat mother with no family support has cemented our deep connection. As of yesterday I give up the career bit…and Camilla could not be happier for me and King…

Camilla cradling Kingsley - less than two months of age

Camilla cradling Kingsley – less than two months of age


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