11-05-20 Kingsley: Loves going to School

Monday 11th May 2020

No less than 3 times and without prompting Kingsley declares just how much he loves going to school. I believe him too but wonder why! So during lunchtime I happen to walk past the school playground while strolling the babies and there I spot him, playing chasings with his buddies. He’s all smiles, panting from the run but then stops, stoops down and attempts to tie up his shoe laces. I of course ask two year 2 girls to go fetch him for me, me wanting to hear my son tell me just how much he loves me. But he doesn’t come to the fence. Instead he looks up from his shoes, smiles and waves. Kingsley’s too busy having fun and tying up his shoelaces to bother with mumma!

But I get my way come the afternoon. At 3pm I’m waiting at the Covid-19 gates, hugs and cuddles for both of us we embrace! Then to the recycling plant as a family then just he and I down to Coogee for a scooter. My first love.