Kingsley: Cael & Layla

Friday 26th September 2014

The Three Musketeers spent the day together in the sun getting to know the feel of new textures such as grass and mud, soil and dry twigs while us parents clapped and cheered them along, encouraging sensory explorations and even getting a little dirty along the way.

I firmly believe its good for kids to get out and about into nature, especially Dubai babies who are prone to being kept indoor by their well meaning parents, and well away from the elements.

All three kids – Cael, Kingsley and Layla – were at first apprehensive about this new and strange floor covering. I actually didn’t let Kingsley into the pool until he spent at least fifteen minutes crawling over the rich damp grass. He soon loved it! So many new sensations to touch and place in his mouth!! A blade of grass held infinite intrique for the child, God bless him.

Soon enough Layla and Cael’s mums brought them over to join King, and the little Musketeers formed a nature-loving trio whom we had trouble getting out of the dirt.

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