21-11-19 Kingsley: Ping-Pong

Thursday 21st November 2019

We do something fantastic, wild, random, unscheduled today. Ditch jiu-jitsu for an afternoon led by our whims. It begins with us following our noses down Coogee Bay Road along with Alex and James, stopping in Vinnies for a pair of flip flops since by now we’re determined to go for a swim at the beach. Santiago our sales guy at tye checkout likes us so much he gives Elektra a rattle (well, Kingsley chooses it) and nappies since the babies will needva change after their dip.

And dip we all do miraculously me and the three kids, Kingsley body surfing (mum look! Look at me!!), both babies in such upbeat moods as I take them one by one down to the shoreline to wash their bums. Kingsley’s resembling a schnitzel as he performs for his siblings, so much sand stuck to him. But with me in the shower with him literally scrubbing him hair its all out and we’re ready for our next adventure.

And I’m so glad I’m led by Linus. He wants entry to the Coogee Pavilion of course my first response is ‘just for 2 minutes’ and of course we stay for 2 hours. With Keanu asleep in the double pram, Elektra on the astro turf playing with toys and a sweet 5 year old girl I am in the extremely rare position of being free to actually play ping-pong with Kingsley. THIS NEVER HAPPENS!

And because my focus is on Linus I discover things I never knew: he is good at ping-pong; he’s a great opponent, generously granting me points, and praising my top shots, three times he scored against me for plays on the full.

We stay till dark both Kingsley and myself high-fiving each other for a great match. We now to return for a rematch of ping-pong.