01-11-17 Pipi Arrives!

Wednesday 1st November 2017

After school Pete and I wait for the sxolikö to arrive. Kingsley’s routine is set for him and all he knows is that either JiaJia Dora awaits his arrival or I do. But today it’ll be his 26 year old cousin ‘Pipi’ who’ll be there. After almost a year’s separation today the cousins are reunited, in Saronītha no less!

This surprise drew tears from us all: At 3:30pm when Mr. Vasīli’s school bus drew to a stop and Dorøtheos carefully stepped toward to sliding door Pete came forward, I stepped back, the child’s eyes fell upon his older cousin and he stopped in his tracks. Immediately he smiled, drew breath and whispered ‘Pipi!’

Then he ran toward Pete, hugged him and lifted his arms. Pete hugged him tight and they never left each other’s side all afternoon long…