08-07-20 Twins: Run Scotty Run

Wednesday 8th July 2020

Its wild scenes at Coogee this morning as I’m alone with the 3 and γιαγιά does her best to contain the savages. Luckily Marlen swings past in her Porsche to take Kingsley to gymnastics relieving me of the horrors of public transport (4 buses it would’ve been) to get him to gym on time and me and the babies back home.

These days Keanu is obsessing over cars. Each one he sees sets off his voice to trill ‘beep beep). This morning both babies kicked off with excitement yelling thunderously “Γιαγιά ΓΙΑΓΙΆ” to the joyous laughter of mum as she hand feeds the little ones Feta and Kalamata olives for breakfast.