10-08-17 Farewell Ruth for Swiss Summer Hols

Thursday 10th August 2017

A visit to Ruth’s, dinner together, an afternoon play in the neighbourhood park and Haagen Daas ice cream with friends is on our social calendar for today. For we must farewell Clan Ames as 1) they’re off to Switzerland tomorrow and 2) we’re off to Greece in a week.

Currently Kingsley is a little obsessed with going to Fun City to play with his favourite interactive game ‘Ice Man’ or watching it on youtube (blame me for introducing the damn thing on screen time), so his every waking breath speaks of Ice Man, ICE MAN even as we walked to Ruth’s tonight and as the lift carried us up to the 47th floor and during playtime inside their apartment. Luckily the colour and excitement of new toys there silenced him on the matter enough to be boisterous with his little friends.

Dinner is a disaster – Kingsley is not into lamb, or string beans or pumpkin mash so plays about leading to Ruth to wander from the table but us parents are too weary to care. He pushes Ruth and James a few times and I am horrified but Miss Fran is a fellow mumma bear and puts him in his place, after all many months ago it was Miss Fran who put Kingsley in the thinking chair for a 5 minute time out. P.s he giggled all the way throughout the 5 minutes especially when Ruth would visit him.

I managed to take a photo of a quiet moment between all three kids taken between the bashings, the yellings and the food rejection…