25-07-16 No More Jumping on the Bed

Monday 25th July 2016

Its still such a thrill to have Erroll home during the day, and not be away somewhere flying. We as a family thrive when all together in the house. There is such a fun, positive, energetic vibe which we all pick up in and run with. Discipline is out and non stop wackiness is in. As our lovely neighbour noted yesterday when she popped over, our house is well and truly Kingsley’s castle: all his toys, furnishings, belongings are strewn throughout its corridors…and happily so!

Today’s indoor family fun involved dragging all cushions out into the living room and creating a bouncy space for jumping onto from a height. Next involved learning to forward roll, and after that playing camping on our family bed. There is a song Kingsley (attempts) to sing which goes something along the lines of, ‘…and the doctor said, no more jumping on the bed…’ Well I am the first to admit there is a lot of jumping on our beds…and every other place here at Kingsley’s Kastle.

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