12-12-19 Twins: Out of the House

Thursday 12th December 2019

With two needing sleep, feeds, a change, cuddles, stimulation, quiet moments, and a lay down simultaneously, I become anxious. The solution which works to calm them both and stops the after breakfast cries is to go for a walk. So out the door we go though of course not before they both do a poo, then need change of clothes.

Meanwhile γιαγιά Dora awaits us at the podiatrist. Keanu wants γιαγιά cuddles while her hooves are attended to, Elektra is passed out in the double pram and I get to engage in my daily walk along the coast.

The morning is fresh, no heat, overcast perfection and both babies love the outdoors so instead of letting them cry in an attempt to put them down here, we get out. Miracles happen again: no crying. Its the buggy in nature effect. And this afternoon its Elektra’s turn for the school run, Playdate at the Zipline and a bum clean in the playground.

We wear fur around the ears because we can!