12-06-17 Ruth Afternoon

Monday 12th June 2017

Reunions with Ruth Ames has everyone involved extra happy even the sun shines bright on the two preschooler’s faces.

At precisely 5:15pm Kingsley and I reach Rolex Tower, dispense Miss May of her Ruth duties and the three of us hit the road. Of all things these kids get excited about its a mound of rubble, selecting rocks and exchanging them.

Both need to relieve themselves at the same instant so we find a shady tree for wee. Next we hit our little corner store to stock up on provisions: strawberry milk (Ruth), chocolate milk (Kingsley), water, chapati bread.

Our neighbourhood is receiving a number of small green spaces thanks to the local council being inundated with requests from parents for play grounds. One is (almost) ready so we break in. And the kids go nuts. And roll about the grass. Then get sweaty and muddy. Then its time for a bath at Casa Hartley.

Fran comes round for half an hour, the kids swap clothes, play and insist we do the same tomorrow. Its set then: Ruth is coming over again!