05-06-19 Kingsley: Proud Big Bro

Wednesday 5th June 2019

Out mornings have a new ritual about them these days which involve Linus hurling himself out of bed and pitter-pattering all the way to my bedroom, jumping under the covers and snuggling up to his sister. More and more do I warmly welcome my son (early days I’d whisper SCREECH for him to GET OUT / DON’T WAKE HER SHE’S CRAZY etc but it never deterred him.

This morning he indeed woke Elektra. So instead of reprimanding the boy I thought ‘get him to work’. And that’s how the twins were babysat for a good while before school while mumma got to use the loo in peace.

Here is what I discovered once I finished brushing my teeth: a proud big bro cuddling his biggest treasures, his siblings.