09-08-17 Modhesh World

Wednesday 9th August 2017

I must admit I was curious about our region’s annual indoor kiddie-festival Modhesh World. Erroll took Kingsley a week ago and both came back exhausted from their day amongst the plastic, colour, lights and expensive rides with Erroll weary from the experience beyond even his comprehension but Kingsley seemingly enthused to return one day.

Well that day is today. I am taking the child to Modhesh World at the Dubai World Trade Centre but two metro stops away. As usual I pack for three days away because something in me warns that extra clothing is necessary. My prediction is spot on, for after our day among the flashing lights, soft play, and Arabic cartoon movie screening, football kicking and Baskin Robins ice cream eating, Kingsley is sweaty and ready for water.

His wish comes true – the instant he spots the DWTC dancing fountains there is no stopping him. He strips, flings his shoes off and plays among the columns of water without a care in the world and is the envy of every adult and every child who walks past.