22-12-20 Twins: Napping in Bed

Tuesday 22nd December 2020

While Kingsley and daddy are on on the a boating trip for the day we three enjoy homelife unencumbered by the way strain of entertaining / feeding Linus while dealing with the little ones. Its just me and the twins (γιαγιά is getting her hair done at Scott’s) so I make the most of it! Water play, cleaning the back landing, lentil soup, potatoes, mango labneh, endless changes of nappies and outfits then as Elektra began whining I ask her do you want νάνι? To which she emphatically nods her head and answers ‘yeah’.

Straight to bed, out of the bed, Keanu poo change, milks, water, πιπίλα, Enya then lights out for over an hour! We did it! We three napped!

The afternoon is busy what with the boys arriving home from their fishing trip (no fish caught). But I manage to get Elektra out for a stroll and remove Kingsley from my phone. We have a lovely time though how he shakes Elektra in the Quinny is alarming and twice he almost toppled toppled to her. She of course sees greatness in anything her ‘Νινί’ does especially when he’s giving her attention (though those head locks I rouse on him for).

Meanwhile Keanu though really upset for not coming on a walk with us settles down immediately when Γιαγιά dangles the ‘Άγιος Άγιος’ frankincense and myrrh incense burning. She settled right down!