31st January 2016

It was an innocent enough request, I thought: asking that Kingsley stop what he was doing (hanging off my boob – there from habit/comfort; not feeding) to play with the contents of his much-discarded toy box. Well, didn’t that infraction cause him distress! Fancy being told how to play, he must have thought. By my own Mumaa, no less!! She should be on my side!!!

We are now, with his turning 25 months of age, truly in the throes of the terrible twos. Though Kingsley’s attempts at tantrumming are actually rather sweet (he is lame at becoming cranky…just like his Mumaa), when they do strike I feel sorry for the boy. He has probably got an idea, quite rightly mind, that I do laugh at him when he loses it, but in the main I just want to give him an immediate hug and present him with a winning distraction / cave into his wants.

Tantrums certainly won’t be the emotional highlights of our days forever. As my own Mumaa keeps telling me, they will soon fade to a calm simmer once the child enters his early twenties…


A meltdown at 10am