22-08-19 Twins: Where’s Wally

Thursday 22nd August 2019

The twinnies accompany daddy and mumma to Kingsley’s school to watch Book Week costume parade but really to cheer on their big bro who is disguised as ‘Where’s Wally’.

They’re both a dream completely in their element being out on the streets, the Valco Snap DUO such an easy stroller to handle. The babies doze off while laying lambs, dressed in socks from Zennia, hoodies from Gai, tops from Min and pants from Jenny So.

Current trend is for Keanu to squeak and squall as I change his bum, whereas Elektra BEAMS with the widest smile whenever I hop into bed with her as she emerges from her nap. Both babies are so happy to be among kin. And love an outing.