16-02-19 Kingsley: Playdate

Saturday 16th February 2019

We have the start of a new era here: babies making their own play date arrangements! Today Alexander, Kingsley’s best friend, came over. Chaperoned by dad Costa, a very confident little Alex bounds inti our home tailed by the most excited child of ours, Kingsley in utter disbelief that he actually has his best friend over visiting!

Ready at 2pm for Alex

Like two Labrador puppers the five year olds dive into one another, wrestling and bumping into furniture. Toys and games go crashing. I encourage Linus to show Alex his room. Where he could not bear to be alone in his bedroom, all of a sudden Kingsley is proud to show off his cool room to his mate.

Waitibg by the gate for Alex

They drag out of there various boxes of toys, too excited to actually play sensibly, Kingsley is a slave to his emotions: he throws toys about, upturning storage boxes, walks around with giant bin lids over his head. Meanwhile Alex keeps it cool!

Smothering each other with Jiu-jitsu moves and take-downs spirals wildly out of control with a sequence of moves which sees Alex completely submitted by Linus. [Wish he’d go this hard at Jiu-jitsu training!]. Then the tears start. Then Alex can’t control his emotions and wants to ho home.

Meanwhile darling Labrador Linus is left scratching his head wondering why his bezzie wants to leave. Poor boys the pair of them. But we parents saved the day; got the kids out of the house and into the garden, diverted attention, redirected their efforts…and got them smiling again. Crisis averted and friendship saved.