13-04-20 Twins: One Nap Day

Monday 13th April 2020

These two are hyperactive, awake since 6:30am, delirious from fun and dizzy from exhaustion yet fighting their afternoon nap. Doesn’t help that Sylvia & Matt pop over to get them super awake but we all love their company and the babies revel in being held.

So once I am able out we three go for our afternoon walk to meet Kingsley who is learning to ride his bike with daddy. Bid them farewell then up to Randwick we go mamma burning kilojoules while the babies sing and fuss. Elektra all of a sudden these days wants more than anything Keanu’s dummy, Keanu losing the plot at seeing one of his dummies in Elektra’s possession.

I wish for all our sakes they nap this arvo but they don’t. But they do sleep in the buggy, stay asleep when Erroll picks up Elektra from the pram to transfer her to bed, remains asleep while changing her and now at 10pm is still passed out. That’s 4 hours already.

Keanu the champ is the same: in his cot counting sheep.