29-08-17 Cliffs

Tuesday 29th August 2017

After swimming with the cousins its time for exploring the headland again. This time we rediscover the tiny seaside church, collect white seashells, climb high over boulders and enjoy the extraordinary weather-not hot at all. No sweating!

Today Kingsley is all about showing me with his hands left and right. At every bifurcation on the sandy path he asks for help to choose which way we should go ‘left or right, my friends’ he asks to his imagination.

Hungry from exertions during the day JiaJia Dora feeds him well, with souvlāki and hot potato chippies from Symposium our local taverna. If I recall my laziness at cooking meals the last two trips to Saronītha, we were at Symposium at least 4 times per week. Tonight we begin this season’s souvlaki feasting!