10-05-19 Kingsley: Neatest Writing

Friday 10th May 2019

Rare! Erroll and I taking Kingsley to school. Fun all the way as we sing bad Greek toons then more fun racing into Woolies for a banana management give free to children. He’s got art class first thing, so curious, Erroll suffers me peering through the window. I watch as each student dons a green paint shirt. They’re about to embark on a Mothers Day paint session.

I’m on the afternoon school run since Erroll works tonight. My favourite is seeing Linus’ face light up once he clocks me. He knows to alert Miss Panousis that I’m arrived before he flies off into my arms (and dumps his bag at my feet). We still can’t locate his school hat (labeled in two spots as well!).

Miss P relays welcome news: Kingsley won a ‘scratch & sniff’ sticker for his unparalleled behaviour in class and for putting the effort into HIS NEATEST HANDWRITING for my mothers day card.

This arvo Elektra accompanies us. We’re on the 313 bus service to Bondi and she sleeps. I dress Linus in his Gi, Elektra sleeps. A shop at Coles, she sleeps. Watching Linus get reprimanded for disobedience by Sensai Mike, she’s in dreamland. And back on that 313 all the way home Elektra catches zzzzz’s while my number one and I sing LOUDLY.