10-04-20 Kingsley: Samsung Phone

Friday 10th April 2020

Son, you’ve been on my old Samsung (“my” phone, you declare) since you woke, which was 6am. It’s now 6pm. 12 bloody hours on it with minimum breaks: to eat, go to the loo, eat some more, read books (only because I make you put the phone down to read, and then you choose the easiest of books to read anyhow!)

But its Good Friday during the Age of Covid-19 so we can not visit family, nor play in the park nor have a Playdate. Our get together with cousin Tilly is postponed and because you get no Easter eggs we let you play games on the phone. Sans WiFi it’s very safe.

You haven’t even come out of your PJs! You’re as happy as a clam today slothing at home with γιαγιά while the rest of us explore Maroubra. Happy Easter darling.