10-12-20 Kingsley: Superhero Day

Thursday 10th December 2020

After a massive row regarding opening up pressies without first reading the card and knowing who gave them, Kingsley is off to school wearing his favourite superhero outfit Captain America. Today our school collects donations for real life Superheros such as ambulance drivers and nurses.

He gets to freeplay Superheros in the after at Baker Park with Jesse and Jensen, Erroll leaning Linus to Miss Kavita for an hour before jiu-jitsu and a long hot shower with me (I scrub my first born 20 times as Kingsley relays it to his daddy ‘mumma lathered me with σαπούνι). Then a treat for my darling child, one game of ‘Mills’ before Elektra kicks off and I must retreat to the babies while Erroll snuggles in to a very clean Linus smelling of lemongrass.