06-06-17 Camels

Tuesday 6th June 2017

As promised we return to the camels and donkey of Zabe’el Vets though this time with apples and carrots. Its breathtakingly hot outside but the blazing sun is no deterrent for Kingsley is hopping mad to visit Fritz the orphan donkey and a particularly friendly squadron of young (adolescent perhaps) camels in order to feed them.

We make our way to DIFC then through to the other side, past some palaces and walk past horse stables before turning a corner for our beloved camels. Kingsley has eyes only for Fritz to begin with and this orphan creature is thus hand fed carrots and slices of apple. Soon enough the cute camels call to be fed and Kingsley’s onto it. They too enjoy carrots which is a treat from the apples they recieved yesterday. Fritz brays and brays; he wants more apple so I carve another.

Meanwhile Kingsley gets friendships going with the gentle giant ships of the desert. Encouraging him to rub their snouts and to feel their soft lips in order to understand how these creatures truly are, he is hooked, and they remain very accommodating of their newest, curious mate.

I have a feeling we’ll be visiting Zabe’el Vets and these camels tomorrow too…