Kingsley: Frenchie Natan

Friday 29th August 2014

A French toddler is in the house teaching Kingsley what its like to be able to stand unassisted. Kingsley is tearing up the place, thrilled to at least be able to show off his brute strength to his new friend. Well, at least enjoying pulling his stuffed toys from the shelf and onto the flokati. Natan has mastered the bipedal mode of transport and represents a cult hero to King.

Three days, two babies, one beautiful fledgling friendship being created right before our eyes…

Natan here 003 Natan here 006 Natan here 009 Natan here 010 Natan here 012 Natan here 014 Natan here 017 Natan here 018 Natan here 023 Natan here 028

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