18-06-18 Danæ

Monday 18th June 2018

First day with no Ba-Bāh in the house. My stomach is queasy but with 45 minutes till pick up I can’t indulge in my nausea. Kingsley is – as of today – at school camp and he’s hungry and walking about with no clothes on and I have to dress myself!

Nothing really has changed in our morning and after school routines (other than Ba-Bāh has ‘gone to work’): he’s hurredly fed & dressed then ushered onto the awaiting σχολικό. Tonight while I was tucking Kingsley in he asked however where is Ba-Bāh. At work, I answer. But when will he be back, the child retorts. The day after tomorrow. Is tomorrow the day after tomorrow, mummā? Poor luv.

This afternoon while I was wishing to lay down we instead hit the park. Kicked the soccer ball around, played catch, sung songs with a very sweet 4 year old named Danæ. She was magnetized by Kingsley’s energy. Followed him to the climbing castle but then he followed her to the swings. Here they sang songs together and completed as to who can swing the highest.