25-02-18 Three Kids in the Kitchen

Sunday 25th February 2018

For today’s playdate we have the gorgeous Saoirse &  Tiarnān who join Kingsley in his enthusiasm for cooking and baking. My newest Dubai pal, Michele, brings them over on this rainy windy winter’s day. I’m of course thrilled by a play here as its big fun for me to entertain and Kingsley gets a thrill from showing off his toys / games.

First thing we do is make hot chocolate. Once the kiddies are settled the mummies enjoy a tasty pineapple mint soda vodka. Bubbles! Next we boil pasta and the kids stir in the butter and eat bowls of it. Dessert is Minions cup cakes which I brought over from Coles. Can’t go wrong with the packet mix for $3.

All day Kingsley enjoyed calling out his new friends’ names: ‘Seer-shAH!; TiernAN!’ over and over. We put on Ke$sha and had a danceoff on the play rug. No one wanted to part so Kingsley and I walked the friends to street level. Rain! Wind!! A fantastic winter’s day ending with promises to reconvene next week.