02-04-19 Kingsley: Chess

Tuesday 2nd April 2019

Our evening is hectic and I have little patience. Jiu-jitsu class is okay however you’re sent to the corner (to face the corner in fact) because you kneed a boy in the groin during a battle. Awful! I’m not even present (having scurried to Coles for a shop). I’m informed during a waterbreak by Sensai. He tells me that Kingsley understood never to do that in battle ever again, and that he’s remorseful.

At home its all systems GO. Jiajia vows never to have both babies together every again *they cried, poo’d and screamed simultaneously over the entire period ee were at Bondi Junxtion. So I take Elektra in my arms, cook you a lamb kofta, feed you on my bed and for the first time, verse you in Chess.

Today marked your third lesson of Chess. During Tuesdays lunchtime you’re ushered into another classroom to learn the basic moves and a couple of tactics. Tonight as I shiveted penne pasta into your hungry mouth your pawns proceeded to gobble mine up. You taught me that the Horsie (knight) moves in an L-shape, one square up and two over, or two squares over and one down, or any such combination of one-two or two-one movements in any direction. I’m gobsmacked.