15-05-18 Spew #1

Tuesday 15th May 2018

Kiddo came home from school poorly. As soon as Kingsley jumped off the school bus he looked to me pale, felt clammy in his little hand, and was sweating. Complained that his tummy hurt. Even asked his school bus teacher attendant for a plastic bag which he eagerly grabbed, then farewelled his friends clutching the plastic spew bag on our way home.

Mummà taking in the sights of Glyfăda while Kingsley’s at school

Always running and jumping and asking to play in the park, today’s after school mood was low. Kingsley asked to go home! We did but not quickly enough. Poor lamb spewed on the third floor outside of the lift.

He carried on abit, cranky that I had taken his plastic bag ‘Mummà, sou eīpa! Mī mou păris ti sakoūla!!!’ but came good after his shower complaining no more of an upset stomach.

I made him rest today. Falling asleep easily he is better for it at 7pm when he woke, this time complaining of hunger!