26-09-16 Le Louvre

Monday 26th September 2016

Today its reunions with old Dubai friend and neighbour Mercedes in her extraordinarily glamorous ‘hood, Luxemberg. The place set a benchmark for fabulously wealthy and chic people watching. Never seen anything like it! All Kingsley wanted to do was run and play, so we let him while us girls caught up.

Determined to walk much of Paris, we three stroll through St. Michel, heading north toward the Seine till we hit it. And after bidding Mercedes farewell, Kingsley and I cross the river and drop in on Le Louvre for some culture. The kid take shoes and socks off, drops his pants and runs nekked on the green grass outside Le Louvre delighting the South Korean tourists and making me run after him like a crazy lady after him.

Luckily I find a high quality Minnie Mouse balloon someone had discarded which does the trick in helping me corral the kid in order to dress him again. We resume our touristic pursuits with the stupid balloon attached to the stroller, only getting back to Bourg-la-reign at 8pm for a dinner of croissants and yoghurt.

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