21-08-20 Kingsley: Playdate with Jesse

Friday 21st August 2020

The day we’ve all been waiting for: a Playdate with Jesse. And I’ve got an action packed agenda. Am not leaving these two rockers any leeway to go feral or be bored. Firstly they receive a flavoured milk at the school gate (I can tell they are starving and thirsty). Next a Greek yoghurt squeezie must be consumed in order to gain entry into Flying Fox Park (taken most reluctantly). Next shoes and socks off, balls and toy cars come out from the pram basket, and let the games begin.

As much as Kingsley is macho he’s scared to go down a pole fireman styles. Kids are doing it, he really wants to, falls to the ground slightly hurting himself and the tears begin. I remind him that he learned to do just that when we were in Greece! I’d help him along! But he’s amongst peers and won’t even chance failing in front of them. Luckily no one actually cares or is even watching him (a life lesson right there!) for everyone’s too busy having fun. Up he gets dusts himself off and joins the chasing game.