12-09-19 Kingsley: Cupcakes

Thursday 12th September 2019

I’ve got all three kiddies from 6:30am till 6:30pm. Morning drop-off and afternoin pick-up; bus rides and jiu-jitsu class. I’m running on adrenalin and refuse to drop the ball: Kingsley’s happiness and balance is my priority. All I want is for my number one to enjoy school life as much as he enjoys jiu-jitsu.

As such a Tupperware is filled with 6 cupcakes destined for the school yard. Yesterday it was ice creams, today cupcakes. I see his happy little face wgen mummy front up witg treats. Its a muma’s constant worry that her child enjoys his childhood. I also want Kingsley to be loved by his class mates as he was in Greece.

Jesse likes Kingsley very much, I know. After school the two scallywags go on an adventure both egging each other on, neither wanting to leave. One climbs up into an old house, the other follows. At one point Jesse becomes glued to the twins which alarms Kingsley as he can’t draw his little mate away from the pram and onto a high wall. Tears ensued.

For all his athletic abilities, Kingsley’s a softie and very sensitive.