20-07-20 Twins: Zoo with the Shepherds

Monday 20th July 2020

These two champions are up very early because daddy has a long, four sector day and at 5am Keanu wakes, cries, wants daddy (who is getting ready in the dark) which triggers Kingsley to get up and before you know it all three children have found their way under my doona.

The aim is to get out of the house by 10am nothing short of a miracle considering I’ve to pack for a 8 hour day! But we do it, mum incredibly helpful in taking one child for me to tend to the next. Endless rounds of nappies and washing bums, then pack the buggy even two bottles of milk come with us. Then to the 374 bound for Randwick.

Elektra naps twice today, Keanu once and that’s when we’re in the petting zoo and the boys are immersed in the water structure. I was becoming worried for both babies whether they’d nap but sure enough sleep overcomes their sweet minds.