02-02-19 Kingsley: 20 Minutes with Mummă

I have been missing my baby Ninii for far too long as I establish residency in The Royal Hospital for Women these past 11 days. Ninii misses me too, greatly so I can tell; he drags me about and wants my undivided attention.

Today I give him exactly that. All of me if for only 20 minutes. But they’re fun those 20 minutes together. We explore hospital corridors, ascend and descend elevators, find the lunch ladies up on the maternity wing, search for recyclables, insert plastics and one coke can into the recycling machine, make 40 cents for the Hospital from our recycling efforts.

Kingsley is chuffed and proud; shows his dad the 4 tickets each pledging 10 cents toward the Hospital. My work is done.

Later that evening its daddy-Linus time. Shooting hoops and taking selfies…