23-01-21 Kingsley: Bangalow Scorcher

Saturday 23rd January 2021

The lads ring early to wish our bumblebees a very happy birthday for today. Its pool day in Bangalow as temperatures rising to 35 degrees, and no breeze.

Early morning Erroll and Kingsley visit the Bangalow markets come home cool bacon and eggs then swim. Oma reports how well Kings reads and is delighted in his command of the English language as well as his manners.

I’m so so thankful the boy gets to spend the last days Oma has in 16 Leslie Street. They get along so well so much so that Kingsley commented today to his Oma ‘I wish you lived next door to us.’

Tonight Kingsley is glued to the telly. As dinner is prepared the three of them watch a show about out of control toddlers. And two trained nannies dealing with them. Kingsley is glued to the set! Asked his Oma, nay, pleaded, to watch the show over dinner. The deal was: watch and eat. The minute you stop eating the telly gets turned off. Dinner plate he licked clean.