Stay at Home Mummá: Muay Thai

Thursday 7th July 2016

For dress ups today we inspect the outfits that Erroll has previously brought back with him from Thailand, when he goes on his Muay Thai training camps (returning to us kilos lighter and inches more muscular; goodness), and choose the fighting shorts that kidlets as young as four wear over there to spar.

Today’s extreme heat and humidity make a shirtless ensemble welcome news for Kingsley who prefers at any rate to be nude (though we don’t let him because he won’t do a wee in the loo yet). So on our balcony as I throw bucket after bucket of water over him to cool off, I also get to snap him in these shorts, the adult male version of which Erroll himself wears (but only while in Thailand) honing his skills.

Us parents have come to consensus as to when Kingsley shall be exposed to the art and discipline of Muay Thai: once he turns four. Only then will we three go to Phuket and separately train; me with the ladies who need to tone up, and the lads who will kick, punch, wrestle and grapple their way into strict defensive machines. Defenders  – never fighters, the Muay Thai Harltey boys.

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