19-10-19 Kingsley: Προβλήτα

Saturday 19th October 2019

We’re back at the spot Δωρόθεος spent an entire summer on: on the Σαρωνήδα προβλήτα. It’s afternoon. Its summer all over again yet this time its daddy not me jumping in and out of the waters. I’m busy handing out twins to kind locals. Kingsley’s Greek is emerging once again I’m pleased to say. One week of school and results. To me Greek, to daddy English. To the locals and My Market check out girls its Greek. I’m so proud!

My big boy is so loving, so attentive. Asks – nay, demands – that I jump in the water with him. Takes a while but I finally do: Kingsley is thrilled we three are actually splashing about together. Me too. With the babies being entertained by lovely locals I get about hands free. A first!

Back on dry land the boys get γύρος and play till 8:15pm with Νικόλαος στην παιδική χαρά something they’ve done more nights here in Saronida than not!