30-01-19 Zombie

Wednesday 30th January 2019

I’m so emosh ladies. Exhausted. But on track with a plan! And confident.
Yesterday the paediatrician and lactation consultant came to give a feeding regimen – a practical plan – that they have used before in the case of premie twins: because Elektra doesn’t have reserves to feed with gusto (she passed out after max 10 min) she is literally not feeding enough and she’s losing weight. So half her feeds will be from the bottle. When she takes a bottle its akin to ‘free calories’ meaning she doesn’t have  to expend energy suckling. I’ll just pop the bottle in her awaiting mouth and fatten her up like the French do to ducks’ livers for patĕ.

Plus I gave the go-ahead to use formula in order to stop the twins’ rapid weight decline.

I feel much better. My boobs will too! I need more than the hour at a time the midwives allocated for me to sleep. That was impossible to sustain. And I became a boobing zombie.