Kingsley: Ella’s Pouches

Thursday 19th February 2015

Erroll returned from Dallas Forth Worth with a trunkful of attractively packaged meals for our boy. Little pouches of organic goodness – if prepared to be a little bland to suit all palates – that our son in the past has excitedly taken to…and gobbled up. I know its controversial – feeding a baby meals found on a supermarket shelf – however they are a treat/godsend when I have not bothered to cook at home and the child is hungry NOW.

The brand is called ‘Ella’s Kitchen’ and is a hit in our household, as well as with mums all around the Western world. And truth be told, I am not ashamed to declare that we feed Kingsley the tasty goo. Today’s blend of apples, blueberries, pumpkin and sweet potato was thoroughly enjoyed, as you can see…

Blueberry, sweet potato and pumpkin for breakfast

Blueberry, sweet potato and pumpkin for breakfast


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