27-05-19 Kingsley: Photos

Monday 27th May 2019

‘No; I don’t want a photo!
‘I will tell you when you can take a photo!’
‘Muuum! No more photos! ‘
‘Now I want a photo. Here: this is where I want a photo…’

Kingsley has woken up to the fact that I take endless images of him, non stop. The camera (or this phone) has been a fixture on my person for all of his life. A lens in his grill or a flash in his eyes. And now he’s bored. And irritated. And if he is to have a photo taken of himself it’ll damnwell be on his terms!

So on today’s morning school run I was denied 15 times even past the zipline but once we’d climbed the stairs he spotted a green patch and there; that’s where he felt like having his picture taken. With daddy of course!