11-04-18 Bondi Junction Soft Play

Wednesday 11th April 2018

On our walk up to Bondi Junction Kingsley was all about picking flowers. Dandelion are his new obsession though the frangipani he found on the ground near Clovelly Road was most definitely destined for Miss Yvette, he tells me, while JiaJia was getting the soggy dandelions he was gripping tightly in a fat fist.

As promised yesterday over a chicken & mushroom crepe lunch, Kingsley gets to experience the Bondi Junction Soft Play again today though he is disappointed for not seeing yesterday’s pal Alec…and he is completely out of sorts with endless crying, tantrums and a blow out when I busted his yellow balloon.

By the end of our play he is bright and sweet, generous and gentle with the other kiddies, offering his trucks for others to play. So he gets two new balloons as a reward. Plus he scores new pal, five year old Avery who now adores Kingsley so much he and his dad follow us all through Westfields amid hugs and high-fives between the boys.