14-11-17 Vaccinations

Tuesday 14th November 2017

Three weeks off from turning 4 and we head to Dr. Shahid Ali at Dubai Mall Mediclinic for Kingsley’s Measles Mumps Rubella shot. The outbreak of measles in Greece got me mildly concerned so it is a relief to have this booster finally circulating in the little man’s system. He also received a Flu Vax; plus one more which I should know (but forgot).

Now firmly back in Dubai a couple of days, Kingsley’s been waking on the dot every morning at 9:30 AM Dubai time which is precisely 7:30 AM Athens time, the hour he’d wake naturally for school. Talk about positive outcomes of a rigid routine. Before enrolling him in preschool I did not care for routines, not for Kingsley. My style for him was definitely laissez faire as far back as I can remember right up to the day before he attended school for the first time back in April; complete with a personal policy of letting things take their own course, without interfering. From that moment on – the day before school started – the aim was in bed by 7, play puzzles, 7:30 a book and lights out straight away.

What is surprising me about myself is how I now won’t be swayed to alter his early bedtime. Today for example he was in bed by 8 and passed out by 8:30 after lots of pillow talk, and a book. We’ll continue the routine of Greece now that we are in the desert, never mind that he’s not in school. In the meantime some photos to keep the nostalgia for the place going a wee bit longer…