07-09-18 Week 1 of School Done

Friday 7th September 2018

Little man wants pooltime today and why not? He’s excelled in his first week of kindy (that is, no reports on bad behaviour back to mumma; yay!), the pool is pristine, Erroll loves taking him in the arvos and he’s got three little mates waiting for him there.

This means I’ve got the arvo off to sloth while Erroll hurls Kingsley into the water from his mighty shoulders. It also means Linus gets potato chips from the generous waitresses at Anchor without me bellowing ‘no chips! Bananas only!!’.

I popped down to the pool late today to capture father-son joy. Its Erroll’s 9th day with us in Greece this trip and they’ve literally not been apart for more than minutes. I’m just a hanger-on these days however Kingsley did show me affection and love by asking whether he can take my photo.

When my son asks to take Mummà’s photo ‘because you’re beautiful’ how can I ever refuse? Didn’t even get cranky over the potato chippies…

About to take his outdoor shower at Anchor

Linus takes my photo

Wearing new flip flops care of Oma